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Why is There an Increase in Fake Patient Reviews?

If you aren’t already aware of the impact online rating and reviews have on the patient decision making process, then chances are good that what you are about to read is urgent and timely.

The rise of fake patient reviews is here.

You’re probably sick of hearing about the importance of of your online reputation. This is not another one of those stories.

This is a story about the growing trend of fake patient review – both positive and negative. Ignoring this growing trend has dire consequences for your practice.

The most troubling thing about this trend is that you can’t ignore it. In less than a few hours, your professional reputation could be damaged for months, if not years (or worse yet permanently), at the hands of fake reviews.

Similar to the spread of fake news and the influence it’s having on society, fake patient reviews have the potential to reshape the way patients perceive you and your practice, greatly influencing who they ultimately choose for their care. And this can often happen without you even knowing there’s an issue.

In the never ending quest to ensure the offline realities of your practice are properly reflected online, the following is the definitive guide to fake patient reviews and what you can do to combat them.

To get started, let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly constitutes a fake patient review.